Some of Freddy Hirsch Meatman’s leading features are:
  • Costing Tool: Makes use of proven methods of costing such as the ‘Block Test’, whilst incorporating recipe costs, packaging, weight loss and area prices.

  • Waste & Weight Loss: Actual performance of each stock item can be compared to almost real theoretical values, thus making it easy to discover variances and control.

  • Recipe Control: Recipes costed and selling prices determined on a Bill of Materials principle.

  • Packaging Control: Actual cost of packaging per kg is used in order to determine accurate landed costs.

  • Stock Control & re-ordering: Details of purchases and sales (from point of sale) available, as well as the system stock on hand; this greatly aids accurate ordering.

  • Evaluations: Accurate and useful reports to highlight both successes and areas that need attention.

  • Specially designed trading reports compares actual gross profits achieved as well as purchases versus sales comparisons.

  • Weekly transaction reports: Reports available for operators that use external accountants without direct interfacing.

  • Flexible: The system is capable of interfacing with various Point of Sale systems, Scales and most of the Mainline Accounting systems.

  • Versatile: The system can work either for a large store, managing and evaluating only the butchery as well as handling the entire operation of smaller businesses.